Beth works with athletes, coaches, and artists at all stages in their careers. Beth’s philosophy is to help her clients develop the mental tools needed to be successful and thrive in challenging and high-pressure situations. Following your initial session, Beth will develop a tailored program that will help you break down barriers and to ensure you perform at your highest level. The training tools Beth provides you with will strengthen your resilience, confidence, and mental focus.


Striving to build a championship culture? Beth works with teams across North America on areas such as value forming, conflict resolution, resilience training, pre-competition planning, goal-setting training, emotional control regulation, and creating a high performance mindset for teams in and away from performance. Beth’s clients range from youth to national level teams. In partnership with the coaching staff, Beth provides tools to meet the specific needs of the team to help them reach their optimal performance.


Beth delivers dynamic keynotes and workshops that will help your organization build a championship culture, build team resilience, and foster employee engagement. Beth provides tools to help her clients thrive individually and as a team. Beth encourages her clients to believe in their abilities, embrace the moment of learning, challenge the process, and communicate in a highly effective manner.


The Act of Thinking Differently

How to Build Excellence within a Team Environment

The Art of Confidence

Striving to become confident and resilient to achieve your goals

Women in Leadership

Keys to mindfully managing self, life, work and business

The 4 Archetypes of Performance

How to support and challenge youth performers

Beth offers in-person or
Skype sessions to meet your needs

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