Championship Mindset: The Forever Changing Mind

Championship Mindset: The Forever Changing Mind

In last week’s blog, I spoke about the importance of mindfulness. This week, I want to speak to another topic, closely linked to mindfulness – mindset. More specifically, creating a championship mindset

Champions aren’t bred overnight, nor are championship mindsets. Both take hard work, self-awareness and commitment to your craft and growth. 

Consider how long it took you to get this far. What lived experiences brought you here and enabled you to compete at the best level in the world? What do people who continue to master their craft have in common?

The best performers in the world focus on the process of continuous growth rather than outcomes, which creates space for more powerful growth. When you allow yourself to be calm, confident and creative, while at the same time remaining focused, committed and resilient, you will continuously make marginal gains towards a championship mindset and performance.   

When it comes to team growth, the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful teams is that successful teams are determined to make each situation work for them rather than searching for a reason why a situation won’t work. Whatever the situation may be, the difference isn’t intelligence, opportunity or resources, it’s the belief that you can make a difference in every moment. 

Carol Dweck’s research on mindset has changed the way we think about success. We now know that much of our success hinges from the belief that our abilities can be developed. Dweck noted, “In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence.”

A few tips for a Championship Mindset:

  1. TRUST: that the process will work if you focus on small margin gains towards your goals.
  2. RESPECT: that it takes time to build your craft. Although I don’t focus on the 10,000 hour rule, I do believe QUALITY and deliberate practice makes all the difference.
  3. COMMIT: to the little things. Excellence is made up of tiny things done well. When we focus on the outcome, we often forget to give full effort for the 50/50 ball.
  4. KINDNESS: to yourself and others. Allow yourself and the people around you to make mistakes.  As a parent, athlete, artist, coach – whoever you are or whoever you are dealing with – be kind and allow space for self-reflection on what could have been and what needs to be done now. 
  5. CHANGE: is inevitable, but that is where the growth happens. The way we think, act and understand ourselves is forever changing… and that is good!
  6. JUST DO IT: if you have always wanted to write, ski, talk to someone, stand up. What are you waiting for? A champion is never afraid to shine, help and pursue.


Be Kind. Be Bold. Be Brave.


Dr. Beth McCharles is a leading Performance Coach in Canada. A former elite soccer player and coach, Dr. McCharles is passionate about helping performers find their inner drive and confidence. To find out how Dr. McCharles can help you reach your optimal performance potential, contact her at