A bit of my story…

My passion is to help people find and understand their unique abilities and strive to be their best selves.  Whether in sport, business or the arts, I want to help you follow your passion and do it amazingly well!

My story starts where I grew up – on an outstanding street in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. A proud tomboy, I loved people, being outside and sports.  At first I tried everything – swimming, soccer, piano, basketball, skiing, gymnastics, dance, hockey, drama, public speaking, you name it – I tried it! By the time I was a teenager I had to make some choices, and my passion at that time gravitated towards basketball, soccer, hockey and my hidden passion, poetry. I loved these sports so much that I was willing to sacrifice most of my time to become better.

And I did get better; but it wasn’t without setbacks along the way. I’m sure many of you have experienced your own setbacks in sport, academics or life. The setbacks I experienced varied from getting cut from local and provincial teams at many different ages, to coaches or teacher telling me I wasn’t good, tall or smart enough. It was these failures and setbacks that allowed me to move forward and evaluate what I needed to do to become successful in my passions.  I believe this reflection and resilience allowed me push past the norm, be different, and compete at one of the highest levels in sport and academia.

When I reflect, it was the whole lived experience, mixed with accomplishments and failures, that fostered my resilience, which in turn developed the foundation of my work and who I am today. As a Mental Performance Coach, I see new clients everyday that are so caught up in the ‘chase’ that they don’t have the chance to explore their creativity, learn to be self aware or make decisions for themselves.

In the end, we must allow our players, students and children to be challenged, to teach them to step outside their comfort zone; they need to fail, to learn resilience and proper coping skills; and to play, to boost creativity, decision-making and collaboration. This is one step further in developing a well-adjusted, kind human for the next generation – with an added bonus of becoming a more capable performers in school, sport or what ever their passion may be.


Be Kind. Be Bold. Be Great.

Dr. Beth McCharles is a Mental Performance Coach and professional speaker. Beth combines her experience as an athlete, coach and consultant to bring diverse concepts and practical application to her clients.